South Asia's need to respond to climate change

Dhaka, 31 May 2016

GMACCC Chairman, Maj. General A.N.M. Muniruzzaman (Ret.) of Bangladesh, has published an opinion article on the value of regional cooperation when facing climate change impacts. The 31 May editorial on the news website, “Why South Asia can’t afford to be glacial in its response to climate change” highlights Gen. Muniruzzaman’s views on risks and needed efforts such as transboundary water cooperation. 

“The record high temperatures combined with the drought that is sweeping across India is driving many thousands from their villages in search of water and shelter. The pictures of devastating floods in Pakistan in 2013, which affected 18 million people and forced many from their homes, is still fresh in my mind.” 

The article continues, “It is now visibly clear in South Asia that we are living with climate change – erratic weather patterns, extreme weather events, more frequent floods and droughts are just some of the hallmarks. These changes – and their impact on human security and state stability – cause me concern. Perhaps this is just the beginning of the things to come.” 

“It may surprise some, but Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan already have effective trans-boundary water management agreements in place which seek to resolve disputes. In the face of a warming world, it is clear that there is a need for more such agreements and for the scope of existing ones to be expanded.” 

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(Photo: IANS -  India's Largest Independent News Service)