Winning the Environment: The Ecosystem Approach and its Value for Military Operations

In this second completely revised edition (August 2016), GMACCC members Piet Wit and Dominique Noome summarise the twelve principles of the Ecosystem Approach into four steps of a Rapid Ecological Assessment. 

Military (and civilian) personnel using this book will be guided to a more complete situational understanding, allowing them to create relevant partnerships and make decisions for long-term conflict resolution.

This publication guides you through the understanding .. of how military operations may affect the people that depend on the products and services of nature, and what can be done to consolidate positive impacts and to avoid or reduce negative ones.

In the foreword, Former Defence Secretary of Pakistan and GMACCC member Lt Gen Tariq Waseem writes that this book will also create opportunities for working together with local partners in implementing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. Continued dialogue and collaboration are the only way we can solve the global challenges in environmental security.

Author(s):P. Wit and D.A. Noome
Publisher(s): IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management
Place Published: Gland, Switzerland
Date / Journal Vol. No.: Revised Second Edition, August 2016