GMACCC / Project CASA featured at Montreal Conference on Climate Security and its Challenges.

Montreal, 10 April 2024 - The Climate Security Association of Canada (CSAC) with the Centre FrancoPaix of the Raoul-Dandurand Chair organized the conference on "Climate Security and its Challenges" in Montreal on 8-9 April 2024.

This was CSAC’s second annual conference following its founding conference in March 2023 and following The CSAC Pacific Climate Security Conference and Career Development Workshop in Victoria, BC, Canada, 1-2 February 2024.

The purpose of CSAC is to bring together, coordinate, and enhance the capacities of scholars, policymakers, practitioners, media professionals, and others with a professional interest in generating, disseminating, and applying knowledge related to climate change and security. CSAC also strives to improve the teaching and dissemination of ideas, concepts, methods, and information about climate security.

CSAC Vice-President and GMACCC Member, Dr Tom Deligiannis moderated the panel discussion on Civil Military Cooperation in Climate Related Emergencies featuring GMACCC Members Dr Ashley McIlvain Moran who made a presentation introducing Project CASA and Jessica Olcott Yllemo who spoke about the history of the involvement of the U.S. in the climate and security nexus. Lieutenant-Colonel David Burbridge, spoke in the CSAC conference in the panel on Military Carbon Emissions.

Other speakers in our panel included LCol Vincent Virk of the Canadian Armed Forces who spoke on the role of the military in responding to the forest fires in Canada in 2023.

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