NATO is responding to new challenges posed by climate change

Brussels, 1 April 2021

In a 1 April 2021 article by GMACCC member Rene Heise published in NATO Review, Rene writes that “The Allies are individually responsible for adapting to climate change, but the Alliance must also act collectively. It is urgent that NATO comprehensively recognises changes in environmental conditions, responds to climate change and adapts its capabilities. Climate change and extreme weather have significant military implications for NATO on the tactical, operational and military-strategic level.”

He adds, that “For NATO, this means that the future environment in which it will operate will change dramatically. If the Alliance wants to remain an effective security provider, it needs to understand the implications of climate change, and adapt its strategies and capabilities accordingly.” He provides specific information concerning Air operations, Maritime operations, Land operations, and Space operations.

This is the first in a mini-series on the operational implications of climate change. An upcoming article will consider space weather effects and climate change-induced changes in the upper atmosphere, which pose further threats to environmental and energy security.

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Rene Heise works in NATO’s Emerging Security Challenges Division. Previously, he has served as head of Geo-sections at the German Air Force Air Operations Command, and as acting Chief Meteorological and Oceanographic Officer and Section Head at the NATO Allied Command Operations. He is a member of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change.