By Julia Bosshard, EDRC

Washington D.C., 28 January 2021

The US Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) recently published a podcast episode on "Climate Security: Bringing Climate into all Sectors” as part of the Theories of Change program, featuring conversations with global exports on climate change. In the episode, hosted by Sarah Ladislaw - Senior Vice President; Director and Senior Fellow, Energy Security and Climate Change Program, talked to GMACCC member, Alexander Verbeek. During the interview, Alexander elaborates on his interdisciplinary outlook on climate change as well as Planetary Security.

 They discussed the need for a multidimensional approach to achieve successful climate policies and challenged the role of system change through effective leadership by policymakers in governments, private sectors, and society. Discussing signs of progress from the United States, China, and India, they further considered technological innovations and the role of knowledge in achieving change. Recognizing the availability of knowledge for change, Alexander stressed the significance of mobilization, awareness, communication, and convincing. Hereby, Fridays for Future's role to reach the young community and the role of art in climate change has been discussed. As drawing the connection to music shaping society in the 20th century, Alexander mentioned the lack of art addressing climate change and the potential outreach it could create.

He explained that each individual must choose to be informed on climate change, its history, the current state, and the potential solutions – to move from fear to see the possibilities that one may derive from a new system. 

You can follow Alexander on Twitter: @Alex_Verbeek; @Planetary_Sec; @ArtForOurPlanet 

>> Listen to the podcast here