BIPSS Launches project on Climate and Security in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and changing monsoon patterns. These vulnerabilities can exacerbate social and political tensions, making the study of climate change and security vital for the country. South Asia is a region with complex geopolitical dynamics. Climate-induced instability in one country can have spillover effects on neighbouring nations. 

The EU sponsored project, ‘Climate change and Security: Addressing Potential Instabilities in Bangladesh’ action recognizes the interconnectedness of South Asian countries and seeks to enhance regional stability.

This action complements ongoing EU and international development initiatives in Bangladesh and South Asia by addressing a critical, cross-cutting issue. It ensures that climate change is considered within the broader context of security and stability, enhancing the effectiveness of development efforts.

The target group of the project includes the security sector actors, civil society organizations, community leaders, grassroots organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on climate change and security related issues. The project will actively engage with the target groups, in policy dialogues and decision-making processes related to climate change and security. Their perspectives and expertise will be valued, and opportunities for collaboration with government institutions, military, intelligence stakeholders, and international partners will be facilitated. It will provide capacity building initiatives for the security sector actors, including- workshops, to enhance their contributions to addressing climate change related instabilities.

Overall Objective of the Project: To enhance the resilience and stability of Bangladesh by addressing the security implications of climate change, fostering cooperation between the European Union and Bangladesh, and promoting sustainable development and peace in the wider region.

Specific Objectives of the Project:

1. To foster an understanding of the implications and necessary actions around climate change and security nexus in Bangladesh and South Asia to increase resilience and stability in the country and the region and strengthening operational collaboration between the EU and Bangladesh.

2. To enhance engagement of security actors in climate change policy and action planning through multi-stakeholder policy advocacy forums and workshops for capacity building, guided by the project's research and the facilitated exchange of knowledge with the EU and other international actors.


  1. Multifaceted and comprehensive threat study
  2. Capacity Building Workshops
  3. Regional and International Conferences

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