Major General Joseph G. Singh, MSS, MSc, FCMI, FRGS (Ret.)

Pro Chancellor, University of Guyana

He was the Special Assistant to three Presidents of Guyana (2010 -2017) and held the Chairmanship of several State and autonomous Boards including the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, and the National Protected Areas Trust. 

He was  CEO of the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company (2005 – 2010), Executive Director of Conservation International Guyana (2001 – 2005), Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (2000 – 2001), Director General of the Guyana National Service (1981-1990), and Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (1990 – 2000).

General Singh’s voluntary service included serving as Chairman of Government of Guyana and Private Sector Commission’s National Working Group for the Millennium Development Goals from 2005 to  2010;  Chairman of the Regional Steering Committee for the European Union-funded Guiana Shield Initiative from 2005 to 2009. He currently chairs the Steering Committee for implementation of the Rupununi Enhanced Livelihoods Project. General Singh is an Independent member of the Multi Stakeholder Steering Committee for the Low Carbon Development Strategy; and is the Patron of the Guyana Heritage Society.

General Singh is also a Fellow of the UK Chartered Management Institute; a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; and an Officer of the Order of the Golden Ark. His commendations include the Military Service Star and national and military awards from Brazil, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guyana, Cuba and the Netherlands. As an author he has contributed articles on a wide range of topics for local, regional and international publications.

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