Colonel Raul Kleber de Souza Boeno (Ret.)

Raul Boeno has a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies (University of Lisbon), Political and Social Management of Risks and Emergency Situations (ENPC/Spain) and Strategic Intelligence (ESG/Argentina). He is a graduate of the Military Academy of the Brazilian Army, MSc in Communications (UFPR)) and master’s’ degree in Military Operations (EsAO).

He is Former Head of the Strategic Studies Advisory Office and of the Civil Affairs Section (E9) of the 5th Army Division (Brazilian), where he joined the Humanitarian Aid Force Project and was part of the team responsible for the Regulatory Instructions for Environmental Education within the scope of the Department of Education and Culture of the Army (EB60-IR-57.011), in which he introduced the debate on the climate issue in Brazilian Army schools.

His current project focuses on the construction of climate deterrence, in which he examines the extent of and implications of the militarization of disasters and the securitization of climate change.

Lists of publications: ResearchGate / Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

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