The climate-space nexus: new approaches for strengthening NATO’s resilience

NATO Review, 18 August 2022

In a NATO Review article co-authored by GMACCC member Rene Heise, the authors explore two ways in which climate change and space technologies intersect.

They state that "Climate change presents major challenges that NATO faces today, and will have to confront tomorrow. Space technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping to monitor rapid environmental change and identify related hazards.

NATO already recognises space capabilities as critical in the area of environmental monitoring, meteorological forecasting, and the planning and execution of NATO missions and operations. Yet, the benefits of space technology for improved operational effectiveness remain underutilised".

The article covers four main topics:

•     Improved understanding of a changing climate

•     Enhanced operational effectiveness

•     Space capabilities are not immune to climate change

•     Recommendations in preparing for the unknown

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